Nothing is more important than your design when it comes to both digital post and print design.  Our designers know that an effective design must spark emotions while meeting the desired objective.  During this phase we work one on one with you to ensure your eye-catching design matches the intended goal.


When it comes to political campaign printing, we do it all!  

To be set up for success a winning campaign requires developing a strategy that gives the candidate high visibility and  increases name recognition tied to a strong message.  At JSM we have an integrated winning approach incorporating print material and merchandise that motivate voters to VOTE. 

 We have over 20 years of experience providing quality printing at competitive rates.  We have a proven track record of being the one stop shop for political campaigns. In addition to campaign hats, t-shirts, and buttons we also provide the following:

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail continues to be a great tool for political campaigns.  Mass delivery in mailboxes gets your message out quickly and effectively.  We design various sizes and shapes so that your mailer will stand out. 

Door Hangers

Knocking on doors continues to be an effective way to connect with a potential voter. Having printed door hangers is a great tool to use while conversing with a potential voter.  If the voter is not home, door hangers  are the perfect leave behind to notify them you were in the neighborhood.  It is a lasting impression signaling the importance of the neighborhood and the potential voter.

Palm Cards

Palm cards are the perfect all-around handout for debates, town hall meetings, community events, fundraisers and more. Being able to give someone a card that encompasses your message is the perfect ice breaker to start conversations, as well as it summarizes your positions as a candidate.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are the best due to high visibility. Placement in high traffic intersections provides 24/7 marketing without much effort. More importantly, placing signs in yards allows voters to show their neighbors that you have their vote. Yard signs are win/win no matter where they are placed. Orders your today!

Flyer, Print and Yard Sign Distribution

The one thing that separates JSM from others is our value-added distribution service.  In other words, we distribute your palm cards and yard signs throughout your voter territory in Nashville and surrounding areas.  Our distribution street team also identifies high traffic areas within your area and puts them up.  Last, but not least, we can even put up your designated yard signs.  Just give us the address of the voter who approved the yard sign, and our team will fulfill the request

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