How To Promote Your Business

1. Your 30 Second Pitch: John Smith helps boil this down to 15 second “bites” that make a memorable impression

a) What problem do you solve?

b) What results do you produce?

c) What is one of your business goals for 2008?

Craft your 15 second pitch using your answers to these questions

2. Relentless Self Promotion: Identify the value you provide with your services or products; then constantly communicate this value 24/7.

The key here is to be genuine and authentic with your communications. Analyze your interactions with people and learn to offer up the “right” information at the “right” time.

3. 12 “Art of Asking” Strategies:

a) Know your goal
b) Know your value
c) Communicate your value with what John calls your “Keep me on the Radar Pitch”
d) Craft a powerful ask question. Ex- “What will it take for us to do business together?”
e) Practice
f) Make your case by leveraging your value
g) Be Quiet
h) Listen “Intentionally” John explains it as “knowing their concerns”
i) Respond
j) Salvage the “No” by asking “What is your concern?”
k) “Feed the meter” take a time out then come back after a brief timeout
l) Have a back up plan

The final piece to the puzzle is the 20 Ideas to Relentlessly Self Promote You and Your Business

* Have an easy to remember pitch about what you do
* Create a webpage and list it on everything
* Show up to networking events with your pitch and business cards
* Write articles on your expertise and include your company name, website, and if possible your keep me on the radar pitch
* Send a business card with everything you mail
* Use return address labels with your company name and logo
* Use your email signature line to pitch your business
* Create your voice mail with a pitch
* Answer the phone with a pitch
* Speak in public and write your own introduction that pitches your business and expertise
* Send holiday cards and mention your business and business successes in the year
* Send printed or emailed newsletters to customers or potential customers
* Be a resource for others–connect people
* Give samples of your product or service
* Put signs on your property
* Make t-shirts with your logo or tagline
* Have a fun and easy to remember tagline
* Join a leads group
* Ask people to refer you or introduce you to others